Broke two NFTs and produced anomalous errors, but got these done today

Great news — I found out yesterday I’ve been accepted into Tokhun’s Partner Artist program. We get to break things for them in testing.

Oh, and our new NFTs are displayed on the home page gallery. Which is also pretty cool. Speaking of which …

Minting an NFT is not always a straightforward process, especially when the platform is still in development. I had some trouble and broke my first two mints in such a way that it caused them to be in a “weird state,” according to one developer.

Not sure yet what that means on the blockchain, but the Tokhun devs told me the error revealed an edge case they haven’t seen yet. So, for once I helped by breaking something. I wish it could always be like that.

One developer worked with me for a couple hours this morning through our chat on Telegram till he found a solution. (That’s startup tech support — up close and personal.) All so I could create a couple NFTs and publish them.'s home page featuring artists' recently-minted NFTs

When you click on them, you can see the asset information and metadata.

Asset page of chiarascuro's NFT "one year later"

Asset page of chiarascuro's NFT "a good person"

As of this writing, and are the only two NFT platforms with marketplaces on Cardano. I chose Tokhun even though they’re still working on their marketplace and we’re not able to auction on the platform yet. I appreciate their cautious approach with this newfangled tech, and it’ll be up soon.

Then I’ll get to break more shit while we help them test the marketplace functions. Hooray!

In the meantime, I’ll be making and posting more art. Lots of it, apparently. I tried this just to learn about NFTs and accidentally started a second business.

So follow me on Twitter to catch updates and find out when I’ll drop my first collection.

Sunday afternoon at MoJoe Lounge

Sunday Afternoon at MoJoe Lounge - digital text art made in Gimp
Sunday Afternoon at MoJoe Lounge – digital text art made in Gimp

Used to work morning shifts in a coffee shop that was attached to a lounge that served halfway decent food. Unless the cook that had smoked too much crack was working.

I’d get off work, have a couple pints of IPA in the lounge and bullshit around with whoever was tending bar, then go home and paint all day.

Blackie – digital portrait made in Gimp

Blackie - digital portrait made in Gimp
Blackie – digital portrait made in Gimp

Blackie owned a hookah bar in the Short North in Columbus. He used to collect from me, and this is a portrait he commissioned.

We had watched Exit Through the Gift Shop together, so I tried to make it look like street art.

He was secretive about his real name. He was introduced to me as Blackie and he told me he calls himself that because every single piece of clothing in his entire wardrobe is black. I didn’t find out his real name till years later.

Hope you’re doing well, Blackie — our paths will cross again eventually.

[Just minted] One Year Later

NFT: One Year Later - minted 08/15/2021 on (on the Cardano network)

Yesterday was an exciting day for me, as I got to mint my first NFT on the c.NFT platform on Cardano. Didn’t even know it was possible without smart contracts till I dug it up in research for an article.

Yes, cryptoartists, you can mint on the Cardano network. The speed and super low transaction fees are what we’ve been waiting for.

No reason to lose so much of your profit to high gas fees on Ethereum-based marketplaces anymore.

The marketplaces currently opening on Cardano are still in development, of course. But I’ll have an article out soon covering those.

I’m no Ada snob. If Cardano’s not your thing, Solana’s already got all kinds of fully functioning dApps and NFT marketplaces. So check some of those out, too.

Turning an old sketch into new art for NFT project [Potassium Sorbate Pancakes]

Robot chef with mustache and pink apron carrying tray of potassium sorbate pancakes
Potassium Sorbate Pancakes

This old guy I drew in Gimp a few years ago … I just never did him justice. So, since I’m planning a new NFT project, I’m gonna fix him up in Krita and get him ready to mint.

Got another collection to mint before that, but here’s how it’s shaping up so far.

Stanislav layer 1 - Krita
Layer 1
Stanislav layers 1 & 2 - Krita
Layers 1 & 2 visible
Stanislav, all layers visible - Krita
All layers visible

Right now, just defining his features and filling in color.

I named him Stanislav, because he needs a name.  He’s carrying a tray of potassium sorbate pancakes. Why?

Because he’s a robot chef who owns a catering business and wants to make food that will delight our senses. Robots don’t eat, so he goes to the store and reads food labels to see what ingredients we like.

Are you a wedding planner in need of a gourmet chef specializing in an additive-based menu? Hire Stanislav today!