Two-Tone CNFT collection by chiarascuro


I got the idea for this collection after I finished see you soon, the last CNFT in atmosfear.

Color is my thing. I have a really hard time limiting my palette like I’m “supposed” to. Maybe it’s because I don’t just see color. I’m synesthetic — I smell and taste colors. And words.

But it’s time to push myself hard again, since it’s been a while since I did anything as mean to myself as strictly limiting my color choices.

Now that atmosfear is coming to an end, I’m giving you a break from the emotional intensity and giving you visual intensity. This will be all about the color.

Two colors for each piece — one light and one dark. Not sure yet how many I’ll do. What can I do with it? How far can I take it? How will I choose the colors? Will I ask for suggestions on Twitter?

Send me your color requests on Twitter

In that whitespace between the last section and this section’s heading, a decision was made. That’s how impulsive I can be. But this will be fun.

If you have a two-color combination you feel strongly about, or even if you just want to toss me two monstrously clashing colors and see if I can make anything with them that doesn’t look terrible, follow me on Twitter and DM me with the RGBa codes. I’ll take the first 10 requests.

One condition: they must be high-contrast enough to pass muster for people with colorblindness.

If I do your color request, I will mint it as a CNFT no matter what. And I’ll tag you when I tweet the link to the sales page so you can buy your hideous colors if everyone hates them but you.


These will all be minted 1/1 under this policy that is locked as of Nov 5, 2021.

Policy ID: 8613da0890b73dd90bad7cad6ca672c52f0fba1b96ed52fb6eaccdd0

Two-Tone CNFTs

Orbit, from the Two-Tone CNFT collection by chiarascuro


40 Ada

AmoebidApes, from the Two-Tone CNFT collection by chiarascuro


40 Ada

Untitled CNFT from chiarascuro's Two-Tone collection. Colors chosen by @bckwrdsgeometry

Backwards Geometry

3000 x 2250px
40 Ada

NFTrinity CNFT from the Two-Tone collection by chiarascuro


3000 x 2250px

TheSheriffCNFT requested colors for Two-Tone CNFT collection by chiarascuro


3000 x 2250px
40 Ada
listed on Tokhun

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