aperitivi is done and the Atmosfear is Destroyed

I’ve been quiet for a little while, but I haven’t been idle. First, I’ve returned to freelancing as an illustrator and have been busy. I was also finishing aperitivi, most of which is now listed on Kalamint. The rest are coming very soon.

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aperitivi: insieme is dropped on Kalamint.io

I was planning to drop my first Tezos NFT collection next month, but I found a way to push it ahead of schedule. It involved biting off more than I can chew, but that’s par for the course. Totally worth it to break new ground — one more step forward in taking over the world.

Just kidding. That wouldn’t be very decentralized.

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a tale of two socially-constructed English conventions

When irregardless was first added to Merriam-Webster’s unabridged dictionary, I was appalled just like many other people. Like the person who posted this comment to Merriam-Webster on Twitter:

“Yep. English is literally dead.”

As soon as I stop rolling my eyes about what a fucking drama queen the person who said that must be, let’s unpack this objection. I’ll get to both literally and dead when my eyes recover from muscle strain.

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Today I’m doing my first auction on Tokhun

If you’ve been following the Love Machine Shorts #1 drops and are sad because they’re all sold, I have good news. There was one from the oil series I cut from Shorts #1 because it didn’t really fit.

I’m putting this up for auction today.

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new minted stuff now in the Tokhun marketplace

Okay, so I sold out of all but one of the initial round from the human spectacle. So I minted a few more. Dug back pretty far in my analog work, too. Some of these I never thought would see the light of day again.

But here they are, resurrected! In no particular order …

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Tokhun’s marketplace launches today, and I’m dropping _the human spectacle_

Hey, y’all! I’m excited to say I’m dropping my first CNFT collection today on Tokhun when they launch their marketplace today on Cardano. The devs have been working so hard making sure everything works properly before we go live with sales.

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[Just minted] Mutiny, grayscale vector art

Minted this new NFT on Tokhun’s NFT platform on Cardano today. The third in my first collection entitled Text Art: The Human Spectacle.

I’ll let y’all know when I plan to drop the collection. Part of this will depend on when Tokhun’s marketplace will be ready to launch. They are testing the platform rigorously, so I feel confident with my choice.

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Broke two NFTs and produced anomalous errors, but got these done today

Great news — I found out yesterday I’ve been accepted into Tokhun’s Partner Artist program. We get to break things for them in testing.

Oh, and our new NFTs are displayed on the home page gallery. Which is also pretty cool. Speaking of which …

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