freak flag

freak flag - supports/surfaces art made from old clothes

This is Freak Flag, made from undonatable jeans and my favorite hoodie from a previous era. Here it is on the wall in the gallery at Wheeling Artisan Center in Wheeling, WV (somewhere around 2015).

If you’ve never had the pleasure, it’s a huge gallery. And since I was doing it solo, I had to fill all the wall space by myself.

It took me almost 12 months to create enough new work to fill the walls. And I stabbed myself with an upholstery needle about eleventy-hundred times, and yes, there’s blood on this.

Freak Flag seemed huge while I was making it, but the massive gallery wall dwarfed it. I gave it to my sister, who now keeps it folded up because it’s too big for her walls. Maybe we could wrap it around a corner …

That’s why unstretched art is so cool.

goodbye, favorite hoodie

Fast fashion makes no sense to me, but I was taught not to waste things. I hate shopping and wear clothes till they’re in tattered, paint-splattered ruins, Since they’re usually halfway there, anyway, I turn them into art.

Goodbye, favorite threadbare hoodie. I wore it long after the zipper pull broke off. And now it will be in my portfolio.

Update: I had to throw this away along with a lot of other stuff when I moved out of my apartment. Because of the cockroaches.

Curse you, cockroaches! *shakes fist*