aperitivi: insieme is dropped on Kalamint.io

I was planning to drop my first Tezos NFT collection next month, but I found a way to push it ahead of schedule. It involved biting off more than I can chew, but that’s par for the course. Totally worth it to break new ground — one more step forward in taking over the world.

Just kidding. That wouldn’t be very decentralized.

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a tale of two socially-constructed English conventions

When irregardless was first added to Merriam-Webster’s unabridged dictionary, I was appalled just like many other people. Like the person who posted this comment to Merriam-Webster on Twitter:

“Yep. English is literally dead.”

As soon as I stop rolling my eyes about what a fucking drama queen the person who said that must be, let’s unpack this objection. I’ll get to both literally and dead when my eyes recover from muscle strain.

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