Today I’m doing my first auction on Tokhun

If you’ve been following the Love Machine Shorts #1 drops and are sad because they’re all sold, I have good news. There was one from the oil series I cut from Shorts #1 because it didn’t really fit.

I’m putting this up for auction today.

Meh! Love Machine CNFT by chiarascuro

Auction details

Where: Tokhun

Starts: 5:00pm EST, Fri Oct 15

Ends: 5:00am EST, Sat Oct 16

Min. starting bid: 15 Ada

Meh! is a standalone minted under its own 1-day policy. That policy is awaiting verification now and Tokhun doesn’t mess around about verification.

Policy ID: f1bc88aa37ad9343e9abdda87abb526b44af83d085f66767023ac9b3

Wish me luck! I’m already kind of nervous. This stuff really turbo-charges adrenal activity. I’ll crash hard and sleep like a log tonight.

final three CNFTs in Love Machine Shorts #1

Today I dropped the last three of nine CNFTs in Love Machine Shorts #1 and posted links to the sales pages on Twitter. Went to Walgreen’s, hit up a drive-through on the way home, and by the time we got back they were sold.

Lights Out, from Love Machine shorts #1 CNFTs by chiarascuro
Lights Out
Claw Machine, from Love Machine shorts #1 CNFTs by chiarascuro
Claw Machine
The End, from Love Machine Shorts #1 CNFTs by chiarascuro
The End

I know I need to get over this, but I feel bad for the people who really wanted one but didn’t get one. It’s amazing to make a sustainable living doing this. But I also want my work to remain accessible, at least on the primary market.

So I want to mint Shorts #2 as limited serials. Then there would be a few more to go around at a lower price. I need to think about the quantities and whatnot, but I’ll announce it soon after I storyboard the next Shorts collection and decide how many of each I should mint.

I admit I’m a little puzzled about what’s so enticing about these. My impatient (almost rabid) rendering seems like something created by the kind of person who repeatedly bangs on the TV when the cable signal cuts out for a minute.

But I’m awestruck and deeply touched by your response.

Thank you.

even after a few setbacks, series 3 of _atmosfear_ will drop tomorrow

God, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. After I announced on Twitter that I’d drop series 3 this Friday, I sat on my stylus and broke it. So, while I was waiting to get the new one, I thought I’d do some acrylic painting.

But I couldn’t find the white. You can’t really get very far without that. So I went back to the laptop because, dammit, I had work to do. The tablet was delayed in shipment, so for a week and a half I drew with my finger on the track pad.

Slowed me down a bit, but I got everything done on time, including my surprise Love Machine character drop on Wednesday. (By that I mean I was the one who was surprised. As in, why the hell would I do that when my damn stylus was broken?)

So here is series 3.

cabinet to hell, series 3 of atmosfear, CNFT on Tokhun
cabinet to hell
the sky whispers, series 3 of atmosfear, CNFTs by chiarascuro
the sky whispers
sentry, series 3 of atmosfear CNFTs by chiarascuro
keep me awake, series 3 of atmosfear, CNFTs by chiarascuro
thoughts that keep me awake
every day is the same, series 3 of atmosfear CNFTs by chiarascuro
every day is the same

And now that my tablet has come, I’m going to town on the rest of the collection. More soon.

Good night.

Tokhun’s marketplace launches today, and I’m dropping _the human spectacle_

Hey, y’all! I’m excited to say I’m dropping my first CNFT collection today on Tokhun when they launch their marketplace today on Cardano. The devs have been working so hard making sure everything works properly before we go live with sales.

The easy way is efficacious and speedy, the hard way arduous and long. But, as the clock ticks, the easy way becomes harder and the hard way becomes easier. And as the calendar records the years, it becomes increasingly evident that the easy way rests hazardously upon shifting sands, whereas the hard way builds solidly a foundation of confidence that cannot be swept away.

Colonel Sanders

It’s called the human spectacle and, thanks to my sponsor Liâ‚żerty.Crypto., will have the following pieces.

a good person, black and white digital abstract art with text
a good person
discourse, abstract digital art with text
fear, digital art with text (darker blue on top, light blue on bottom, with two mid-value blue focal points
love letter, abstract digital art made from layering text from a love letter
love letter
one year later, black and white vector text art made in Adobe Illustrator
one year later
relax, black and white digital abstract art made in Gimp
sunday afternoon at mojoe lounge, black and white digital newspaper art made in Gimp
sunday afternoon at mojoe lounge
the 5th, abstract digital text art made in Krita
the 5th
ti amo ancora, abstract digital text art made in Gimp
ti amo ancora
xoxo, black and white digital text art made in Gimp
your eyes, abstract digital art made from text
your eyes

And … if I can manage to fix what I did wrong in the minting process, this one:

fuck it, black and white vector text art made in Adobe Illustrator and Gimp
fuck it

Tokhun is also collecting NFT donations from us for a giveaway to celebrate the launch. I submitted these:

beginners mind, abstract art made in Gimp
beginners mind
mutiny, black and white vector art with text made in Adobe Illustrator

I literally could not have dropped this whole thing today without the backup from the Tokhun founders and partner artists. They’re some of the most incredible, supportive people I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

Looking forward to exploring this huge, new, fun thing with all of them.

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement! Can’t wait to put these up for sale.

[preview] the fifth, for my second NFT collection

Here’s a sneak peek into a future project. I’m still making work for my text art collection, the human spectacle. But that collection is in black and white and I needed to make something in color today.

Thanks for the music while I was drawing, Session Twelve.

I’ve lost five family members in the last year and a half. Elderly aunts and uncles, mostly. But the fifth was a cousin and it hit me pretty hard. So I made this to say goodbye to her.

Goodbye, Beth. We’ll miss you.

[Just minted] Mutiny, grayscale vector art

Minted this new NFT on Tokhun’s NFT platform on Cardano today. The third in my first collection entitled Text Art: The Human Spectacle.

I’ll let y’all know when I plan to drop the collection. Part of this will depend on when Tokhun’s marketplace will be ready to launch. They are testing the platform rigorously, so I feel confident with my choice.

Still need to create a few more pieces for this collection, too. Plus figure out all the marketing. But I’m putting in a ton of work trying to make sure this first one goes as well as it can. Even though it’s going to be very small. No more than 15 pieces.

I can tell you each one will be minted as a single (not a serial) because I’m just trying to keep things simple till I learn more. That will allow me to charge more for each one and fund my next project. Because I’m planning a big one.


Yep, right next to my desk I have a bite-off-more-than-you-can-chew machine, and I just crank it sometimes without thinking. Nope, I didn’t mean to start this, but I did.

And there’s no looking back now, I’m afraid.

Broke two NFTs and produced anomalous errors, but got these done today

Great news — I found out yesterday I’ve been accepted into Tokhun’s Partner Artist program. We get to break things for them in testing.

Oh, and our new NFTs are displayed on the home page gallery. Which is also pretty cool. Speaking of which …

Minting an NFT is not always a straightforward process, especially when the platform is still in development. I had some trouble and broke my first two mints in such a way that it caused them to be in a “weird state,” according to one developer.

Not sure yet what that means on the blockchain, but the Tokhun devs told me the error revealed an edge case they haven’t seen yet. So, for once I helped by breaking something. I wish it could always be like that.

One developer worked with me for a couple hours this morning through our chat on Telegram till he found a solution. (That’s startup tech support — up close and personal.) All so I could create a couple NFTs and publish them.'s home page featuring artists' recently-minted NFTs

When you click on them, you can see the asset information and metadata.

Asset page of chiarascuro's NFT "one year later"

Asset page of chiarascuro's NFT "a good person"

As of this writing, and are the only two NFT platforms with marketplaces on Cardano. I chose Tokhun even though they’re still working on their marketplace and we’re not able to auction on the platform yet. I appreciate their cautious approach with this newfangled tech, and it’ll be up soon.

Then I’ll get to break more shit while we help them test the marketplace functions. Hooray!

In the meantime, I’ll be making and posting more art. Lots of it, apparently. I tried this just to learn about NFTs and accidentally started a second business.

So follow me on Twitter to catch updates and find out when I’ll drop my first collection.

Sunday afternoon at MoJoe Lounge

Sunday Afternoon at MoJoe Lounge - digital text art made in Gimp
Sunday Afternoon at MoJoe Lounge – digital text art made in Gimp

Used to work morning shifts in a coffee shop that was attached to a lounge that served halfway decent food. Unless the cook that had smoked too much crack was working.

I’d get off work, have a couple pints of IPA in the lounge and bullshit around with whoever was tending bar, then go home and paint all day.