sentence surgery: hybridizing Darwin’s On the Origin of Species

Darwin’s sentences are tedious. Many of his paragraphs are hideously long, complex sentences that are really multiple complete sentences and useless filler words and phrases strung together with semicolons, colons, commas, or some combination.

This material is not the easiest to understand to begin with. And complex ideas need to be presented clearly and concisely as possible. So I’m breaking down sentences as well as paragraphs, and this time changing much more punctuation than I have in the others.

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finishing Love Machine Shorts #2 with 4th grade art materials

I’m starting over another problematic composition from Love Machine Shorts #2 for the third time. But on paper, because my tablet stopped working. Or the cable. Whatever … I can’t get the power to stay on. (Weirdly, something similar happened while I was drawing Shorts #1 a few months ago.)

It’s not in my budget to replace my tablet right now. So this time, I’m going to finish it old school. And since I gave all my paint (except white) and brushes to my sister, I’m down to paper of various types, white acrylic paint, Crayola markers, and colored pencils. So it’s really more like elementary school.

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