aperitivi is done and the Atmosfear is Destroyed

I’ve been quiet for a little while, but I haven’t been idle. First, I’ve returned to freelancing as an illustrator and have been busy. I was also finishing aperitivi, most of which is now listed on Kalamint. The rest are coming very soon.

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aperitivi: insieme is dropped on Kalamint.io

I was planning to drop my first Tezos NFT collection next month, but I found a way to push it ahead of schedule. It involved biting off more than I can chew, but that’s par for the course. Totally worth it to break new ground — one more step forward in taking over the world.

Just kidding. That wouldn’t be very decentralized.

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[collab] Dusting it up with kick-ass abstract mixed media painter Backwards Geometry

This collaboration makes me so happy for lots of reasons.

Backwards Geometry is a very talented young painter who pushes his boundaries to grow as an artist. He’s one of my first collectors. And he’s a real sweet person for always talking me up and sharing my work with others.

Plus, I’m hoping one day he’ll tell me how to do geometry backwards.

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Tokhun’s marketplace launches today, and I’m dropping _the human spectacle_

Hey, y’all! I’m excited to say I’m dropping my first CNFT collection today on Tokhun when they launch their marketplace today on Cardano. The devs have been working so hard making sure everything works properly before we go live with sales.

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[preview] the fifth, for my second NFT collection

Here’s a sneak peek into a future project. I’m still making work for my text art collection, the human spectacle. But that collection is in black and white and I needed to make something in color today.

Thanks for the music while I was drawing, Session Twelve.

I’ve lost five family members in the last year and a half. Elderly aunts and uncles, mostly. But the fifth was a cousin and it hit me pretty hard. So I made this to say goodbye to her.

Goodbye, Beth. We’ll miss you.

Broke two NFTs and produced anomalous errors, but got these done today

Great news — I found out yesterday I’ve been accepted into Tokhun’s Partner Artist program. We get to break things for them in testing.

Oh, and our new NFTs are displayed on the home page gallery. Which is also pretty cool. Speaking of which …

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a good person

I like to mess around in Gimp with my graphics tablet. Maybe one day someone will build a wet brush function or some other way to simulate dirty mixing.

Hey, if you write Python scripts and don’t mind taking payment in the form of stolen deviled ham, meet me tomorrow night at 10:00 behind the Applebee’s by the airport. I’ll be standing by the dumpster wearing a pink chiffon dress, a life preserver, and a blonde wig.

A woman can’t be too careful these days, so wear a trench coat so I know it’s you and not some weirdo.