[publishing] just minted a 4-page HTML album. Now what?

Since I successfully minted an article as HTML, I’ve been working on list of formats I want to test. Thursday I minted my first “album” of 04 variants from my Atmofear Destroyed collection on Tezos. A four-page website with a home page, two gallery pages, and an About page.

This is web design, but it’s not like designing a normal website. All the files are stored on IPFS and being served from a p2p network. HTTPS protocol serves content from a central source, and browsers are built on HTTPS. The two protocols don’t always play nicely together.

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[publishing 3.0] trying to mint a website as an NFT on Cardano

I haven’t posted for a little while because I’ve gone down a creative rabbit hole trying to do something hard and have forgotten about the physical world. The one where I have to eat and talk to people and stuff.

So my brain is flickering with various types of code and what I’m trying to do hinges on a tenuous relationship between IPFS protocol and HTTPS-oriented browsers that don’t recognize it or know how to handle it properly yet. When there’s full browser support for this, it will all be easier.

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