Magic February, Love Machine shorts #1, CNFTs by chiarascuro

three more from Love Machine shorts #1

Yesterday I dropped the second set of three CNFTs in the Love Machine shorts series 1. Some of you may know I’m basing this on the original series of Love Machine oil paintings I did in 2007-2008.

But one problem with that series was that I never filled in the gaps in the narrative. So two of these do not have counterparts in the original series — Icarus and Power Lines aren’t just digitally resurrected. They’re completely new compositions.

Magic February, Love Machine shorts #1, CNFTs by chiarascuro
Magic February

Someone on Twitter referred to Magic February as “Van Gogh with swagger” and inquired about the materials used.

I made these in Krita with a Huion HS611 10″x6″ drawing tablet.

As flattered as I am by the Van Gogh reference, I wouldn’t compare myself to him. He’s always been one of my biggest inspirations. I would have been lucky just to clean his brushes.

Starry Night has become the definition of the painted night sky for good reason. The brush work, the swirls, the huge stars … I did want to tip my hat to Van Gogh for the oversized stars.

But he did the night sky his way and I didn’t want to be just one more wannabe trying to imitate it when there are so many other ways to paint a night sky. (Maybe something worth exploring in a future collection.)

Icarus, Love Machine shorts #1 CNFTs by chiarascuro

Someone complimented me on the grungy texture. Here’s how I do it. I start with a solid flat base color and start adding layers of text. Yes, I write on these. A lot. That’s what most of the scribbling is. Most of the squiggly lines come from writing words and sentences, building up layers and layers and layers until it looks like this.

What do I write? Secret messages. Half-baked ideas. Grocery lists. Quizzical musings. Rants. Threats. Promises. Love letters. Journal entries. Everything I want to say. Everything I can’t say because the moment is passed, the person I want to say it to is gone, or it would be horribly inappropriate. Anything random thought that flies through my head.

I was watching Rifftrax movies on Pluto while I was making Power Lines, so there are jokes in here from a couple of my favorite awful films. (Is it just me, or does Bill Corbett do the planet’s funniest old man voice?)

Power Lines, from Love Machine shorts #1 CNFTs by chiarascuro
Power Lines

Sometimes these present interesting challenges. Like how to draw electrocution when in real life it looks nothing like this. How did we as a culture decide that electrocution is best portrayed by making the electrocuted party’s skull visible through their head?

I’m not even sure what would happen if a robot’s head got caught in power lines. Birds can sit on them, so maybe nothing. (shrug)

Cultural and physical quandaries aside, these are all sold as of sometime before I woke up this morning. That just feels incredible. Thank you!

Next Wednesday, look for the last three. Tomorrow I’m dropping the last round of atmosfear CNFTs on Tokhun, and I’ve already started my next series of abstracts.

Until next time …

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