Disrupt CNFT from the Two-Tone collection by chiarascuro

bring texture back to the web

Someone told me a few years ago that grunge was “out” and I needed to get used to designing everything in flat colors.

What a dumb thing to say.

Grunge, distressed, or whatever you call it, is here to stay.


Because it’s not a look or a style. Grunge is not a dirty, sneering barista in a flannel shirt. It’s a condition, a state of being.

Disrupt CNFT from the Two-Tone collection by chiarascuro

Grunge is what it feels like when a lot of people have tried to break you. When you didn’t let them. When you glared and said, “Fuck you.”

The first time you ever punched someone who thought they could get away with it — whatever “it” was — that’s grunge.

Grunge isn’t out. It’ll never be out. It’s the beauty in the distressed, the damaged, the corroded. The beauty in all of us broken assholes.

It’s what we are when we grow a pair. You better hope it’s not out. The world is a dangerous place. And if you don’t have any grunge in you, you’re fucked.

Grow a pair. Get some grunge.

My next collection is Disrupt.

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