Untitled CNFT from chiarascuro's Two-Tone collection. Colors chosen by @bckwrdsgeometry

new Two-Tone CNFT, and higher resolution images in my NFTs

This is the latest image in my Two-Tone collection, one that’s challenging my color sensibilities and, at times, making my eyes hurt.

Today’s untitled two-tone features colors chosen by Backwards Geometry (AKA Michael): #ff6666 and #020679.

Tokhun has now fully implemented smart contracts, making the sales process even smoother than before. (Thanks, Latheesan et al!)

Because of an inquiry I received from a community member, I’m pushing the image resolution in my CNFTs as high as I dare with my current machinery.

I’ve learned that some serious collectors are investing in high-resolution display monitors for their NFTs that they can hang on the wall. Of course! Who wouldn’t want that?

So I’m now creating NFT images at 300 PPI, which should display well on such screens and also print well at any size up to 16″x20″.

Thanks for the feedback! It really does help.


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