01 - Practice kindness, a CNFT from the Disrupt collection by chiarascuro


The status quo is stupid. The only thing to do is yank it apart, toss out the useless junk, and build something new out of what’s left.

Want to disrupt the status quo? Do these things.

screen resolution and metadata

Every CNFT in this collection is created at a resolution of 3840 x 2160px specifically for display on 4k/UHD screens.

As per Sir Diarpi’s suggestion, the attributes contained in the metadata are related to a neurological difference I have called lexical-gustatory synesthesia. I taste and smell words. The attribute values are the word/s in the image and whatever they smell or taste like to me.

Some words don’t taste or smell like anything, so if there are any that have all neutral words (unlikely), I’ll provide the values for the closest related words.

So when you read them, you can try to imagine eating and smelling whatever the attributes are. As fast as people talk or as fast as you read. The flavors get mixed together. There are also smells, though not as many and usually more subtle. And that’s what conversations are like for me. Also reading and thinking.


01. Practice kindness

30 Ada

practice: corn flakes in milk
kindness: saltine crackers

02 - Make a difference, a CNFT by chiarascuro

02. Make a difference

30 Ada

make: pancakes (plain)
difference: greasy part of Pizza Hut pan crust

disrupt. 03 - Irregardless, a CNFT by chiarascuro commissioned by Diarpi

03. Irregardless


gard: garlic powder
less: lettuce


Policy ID:

This policy locks on Apr 11, 2021.
Note: I originally minted 01 as a serial, but have changed my mind and am going to do all these 1/1. I burned those and reminted it with the attributes as my friend suggested.
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