Have you ever wished to open the paper just once and see that Dilbert is drawn by Ralph Steadman this week? Or to turn on the TV and see Rick Moranis take Rue McClanahan’s place for one episode of The Golden Girls? (Okay, maybe not.) How cool was it, though, when Run-DMC did “Walk This Way” with Aerosmith?

Personally, I don’t know why Garbage has not done a cover of “I Love Trash.”

Everyone loves a good remix, mashup, or collab. Including the creators. When I’m graced with an opportunity to mix my visual vocabulary into the work of an artist I admire, or invite them to play with mine, it’s not just a chance to make beautiful art together.

It’s a way for two artists to speak to each other in a language unencumbered by linguistic entrapments or barriers.

This is a place for the conversations we’re having.

art I made as a collaboration for Tokhun to mint for one if its first CNFT giveaways

Tokhun partner artist collab #1

I did a collaboration with someone I didn't know. I mean, I probably know the person, just not which one the image came from.

Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable Object, a CNFT collaboration with The Refresh #02970 - What the Funk by This Crazy Life

The Refresh x Tokhun partner artists

Digital and programmatic artist ThisCrazyLife teams up with some Tokhun partners to collaborate for a giveaway.

I Touched It, a CNFT. Backwards Geometry makes a kickass analog painting with a print of my CNFT, I Don't Know What That Is, But I'm Not Touching It, from my atmosfear collection

Backwards Geometry

Talented abstract and mixed media painter Backwards Geometry and I are collabbin' on each other.


Tokhun partner artist collab #1: unknown for now …

Unstoppable Force vs. Immovable Object: 64d080ca510465e13c275c68d31f41b91d57346bfdec68b0bc724d19

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