Infinite Possibilities by Fractal Fuzion - a Tokhun x The Refresh CNFT collaboration

[update] Tokhun partners x The Refresh collabaway CNFTs go out today

Since my last post about the Tokhun x The Refresh collabaway, the collection of donated CNFTs grew to 60. That’s 60 CNFTs going out today to 60 randomly-chosen people.

Refresh Remix in the Nood by Cardano Noodz, from the Tokhun x The Refresh CNFT collab giveaway

Refresh Remix in the Nood. Cardano Noodz

It all started because two artists — ThisCrazyLife and Diarpi (Cardano Noodz) — were talking about doing a collab for a giveaway.

Diarpi said, “Hey, let me ask Fractal Fuzion. Hell, let’s ask everyone and see how big we can make it.”

Infinite Possibilities by Fractal Fuzion - a Tokhun x The Refresh CNFT collaboration

Infinite Possibilities. Fractal Fuzion

And lots of people said, “Yeah, man. Sounds dope AF.” And the community came together to do this. Amazing.

Here are just a tiny handful more because I’m tempting you to look at them all. (tempt, tempt, tempt)

L7 - Garden - Refresh from the Onadracs project by Chris Hockaday

L7 GARDEN Refresh 02, The Onadracs. Liberty.Crypto. (Chris Hockaday)

Necromansig 9. - Jonathan Dickson

Necromansig 9. Jonathan Dickson

NFTrinity_Mashup51 - NFTrinity

NFTrinity Mashup 51. NFTrinity

Unsigcreation-044 #001 - ADAPlanet

Unsigcreation 044 #001. ADAPlanet

skullzXrefresh - kwillterz

skullzXrefresh. kwillterz

Seriously, go look at them, because some are animated and screenshots don’t do them justice.

There’s even an interactive 3D gallery online featuring all the CNFTs.

Epic is one of the most misused words of the last decade or so. But if this giveaway is like a poem to the Cardano NFT community, and each NFT is a line … it’s still not nearly long enough to be an epic.

But it is a big “thank you” from us creators to you, our community. Without you, we’d all be working night shifts at gas stations and morning shifts at bagel shops, and we wouldn’t have the time or energy to make enough art for your voracious appetites.

Thank you for loving art more than bagels.

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