Love Machine PFP 09 CNFT by chiarascuro

new collection of Love Machine PFP CNFTs, and a brand new website for Love

When I scrawled the first set of five Love Machine heads, the goal was simply to experiment with brushes and drawing styles to help me figure out how I wanted to draw the collection. When I was finished with a few of them, I thought they were pretty cool and someone might like them.

That was before I knew PFP (profile pic) NFTs were such a popular category of art in this space. Now that I’ve seen how people use them on social media, it makes sense. And I’ve been asked many times when I’ll make more.

I needed to do another run anyway so I could give him his ears back. A bigger collection this time. And maybe some featuring other characters would be cool, too. So …

This new series, Love Machine PFPs, will contain 40 CNFTs. Love will be in 20 of them, and the other 20 will have other characters, including new ones.

I made the first three yesterday.

Love Machine PFP 01 CNFT by chiarascuro
Love Machine PFP 02 CNFT by chiarascuro
Love Machine PFP 09 CNFT by chiarascuro

Because of the way I was saving files, number 09 is the third one I did, so they’ll be a little out of numerical sequence on the page.

Numbers 01 and 02 are listed on Tokhun as of last night. 09 is already nestled safely in a buddy’s wallet.


Also, I’m building Love’s new website. It’s an ongoing project with several collections in it already. It needs its own site to help keep everything organized. So I’ll be moving most of the Love Machine content over there, and it will go live hopefully sometime tomorrow.

Stay tuned for updates — there are going to be a lot of them. (Don’t forget Shorts #2 is on the way.) This is my job now. I have nothing better to do all day than draw stuff you love.

I could do an email newsletter, but it’s almost pointless to announce listings that way. Best way to stay on top of what I’m doing is to follow me on Twitter or join me and the other love machines in my Discord server.

Soon I’ll be using Discord to run auctions, and joining me there will be the only way to bid.

More on that later …

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