screenshot of the contents of a Cardano wallet displayed on

what Cardano FTs mean for the dissemination of knowledge

Cardano NOODZ has been working hard to start what I think is the most incredible project on Cardano — The Alexandria Project.

Here is its library collection so far, covering multiple topics. It might look like another web page with grid of image thumbnails on it. But what you’re looking at is part of the future of publishing.

screenshot of the contents of a Cardano wallet displayed on

The web page displays the contents of The Alexandria Project’s Cardano wallet, which comprise a small but growing collection of fungible tokens (FTs) and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) containing information the publisher of each asset found important.

Each thumbnail represents a different token, which is a form of digital asset that can represent anything, even a physical object, and recorded forever as such on a blockchain. But they’re not just cool art or photos. Each one contains a body of information, produced and shared as a digital asset.

screenshot of cover image of the Ouroboros Papers CNFT, minted by Cardano NOODZ
cover image

The cover image, by NOODZ, depicts an ouroboros, a snake eating its own tail. The cover image is not the essential part of the NFT — it’s there to give the viewer a compelling reason to look at the files. This asset is a series of PDF documents outlining Ouroboros, Cardano’s blockchain protocol.

The paper explains the protocol’s proof-of-stake operations and security guarantees and is broken up into six PDF files.

If you look at the quantity, you’ll see there are 69 million of these tokens. It’s a fungible token, and all 69,000,000 of the mints are exactly the same.

The best part is that, as long as the asset name is the same and everything stays the same except the quantity, the fee is less than 3 Ada whether you’re minting one or 69 million.

This means you can mint an ebook (or a music album or film) as a fungible token on Cardano and make tens of millions of copies. Not that everyone would want there to be 69 million copies of their book. But what if it were something you wanted to spread around as much as possible, like educational material?

What if it were a class with video lectures, transcripts, a text book, supplementary materials, an optional reading list, etc.

The closest thing to what I’m talking about is the minting workshops created by ThisCrazyLife and NOODZ, recorded, minted, and distributed this way.

There are five workshops:

  1. Cardano NFT Basics
  2. Advanced Minting
  3. On-Chain Minting
  4. HTML Basics
  5. Review and IPFS

I’ve gone through the first two, which is where I got the idea to steal NOODZ’ idea of cramming FTs full of educational stuff and making absolutely millions of tokens to toss around.

Check out the first minting workshop to see what NOODZ and ThisCrazyLife are doing. There’s always something on fire in that kitchen.

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