chiarascuro wearing AmoebidApes hoodie from Tokhun partner kwillterz' Etsy store

AmoebidApes swag from Tokhun partner kwillterz has dropped on our front porch

AmoebidApes are, according to their creator, “an undiscovered evolutionary branch formed from a direct genetic link between amoebids and apes.”

Whatever unholy abomination that would really turn out to be, it wouldn’t be nearly as adorable as one of these pocket-sized creatures drawn by Tokhun partner artist kwillterz.

The AmoebidApes project isn’t just about stimulating your brain’s oxytocin production, though. There’s a map with different landmark NFTs to collect that help you find your way around the base camp. Why would there be a base camp, I wonder. Any time I’ve seen a base camp of something, it’s been in a game.

I’ve wondered since I first saw this project whether it would eventually become a game. If you look at the methodical way kwillterz has planned their collection, it’s organized enough. There are pieces to move around and something to move them around in — that seems promising.

It’s got a society of tiny forest-dwelling animals that look like something signs tell you not to feed because people have been giving them too many licks of ice cream cones. Totally collectible.

Images that contain clues about time for an alluded-to but undisclosed purpose …

Who knows?

I know the hoodie I ordered from AmoebidApes’ Etsy store came in the mail, and it fits perfectly and is now my favorite hoodie.

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