CNFT collections by chiarascuro

My CNFT collections are all minted and listed on Tokhun. Check it out if you love to buy NFTs on Cardano.


All the old art I have bad photos of, rebooted in Krita and Gimp for the blockchain.

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in progress

Love Machine and his friends will teach blockchain beginners about decentralization, the basics of blockchain technology, and how to avoid crypto-shenanigans.

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Love Machine head shots

Character series

Shorts #1


Each CNFT will comprise two colors — one light and one dark. These are color studies and will be minted as singles.

Policy ID: 8613da0890b73dd90bad7cad6ca672c52f0fba1b96ed52fb6eaccdd0


The first 19 NFTs I ever minted on the Cardano blockchain. They’re also the first ones I was able to actually list and sell, thanks to Cardano’s amazing speed and minimal power consumption.

Policy ID: 8b174fad62f54b1d49feeaece9fe3e84fff7e2f14aceba400370a9cc

This collection is all about fear. Especially the things we’re afraid of now. But it’s also about how we can handle fear.

Policy ID: 05d3ebebbc04cb68f50364d23dab7ce3aa90a96f71f1a63b77bcfba9

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