CNFT collections by chiarascuro

NFTs collections on Cardano, both past and present. Some listed, some just hanging out in my wallet till it’s time.

in progress

Love Machine and his friends will teach blockchain beginners about decentralization, the basics of blockchain technology, and how to avoid crypto-shenanigans.

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Love Machine head shots

Character series

Shorts #1


Web books minted as NFTs and FTs on Cardano.

All fungible tokens (FTs) made of public domain works will be donated to The Alexandria Project library.

All the old art I have bad photos of, rebooted in Krita and Gimp for the blockchain.

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The status quo is stupid. The only thing to do is yank it apart, toss out the useless junk, and build something new.

Want to disrupt the status quo? Do these things.

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Each CNFT will comprise two colors — one light and one dark. These are color studies and will be minted as singles.

Policy ID: 8613da0890b73dd90bad7cad6ca672c52f0fba1b96ed52fb6eaccdd0

This collection is all about fear. Especially the things we’re afraid of now. But it’s also about how we can handle fear.

Policy ID: 05d3ebebbc04cb68f50364d23dab7ce3aa90a96f71f1a63b77bcfba9

The first 19 NFTs I ever minted on the Cardano blockchain. They’re also the first ones I was able to actually list and sell, thanks to Cardano’s amazing speed and minimal power consumption.

Policy ID: 8b174fad62f54b1d49feeaece9fe3e84fff7e2f14aceba400370a9cc

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