Backwards Geometry X chiarascuro​

I Touched It, a CNFT. Backwards Geometry makes a kickass analog painting with a print of my CNFT, I Don't Know What That Is, But I'm Not Touching It, from my atmosfear collection

I Touched It

Backwards Geometry

Man, You Sure Are Quiet - a chiarascuro x Backwards Geometry collab CNFT

Man, You Sure Are Quiet


Each asset is minted as a limited edition serial (001-005). Michael and I are auctioning these in pairs — one pair per auction. One auction a day.

Auction results:

  • #005: Sold, 85 Ada
  • #001: Sold, 210 Ada
  • #002: Sold, 150 Ada
  • #003: Sold, 110 Ada
  • #004: Sold, 150 Ada

Congratulations to the winners, and warmest thanks from Michael and I.

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