cover image for aperitivi, an NFT collection by chiarascuro


This is my first collection of NFTs for Tezos. It’s based on photos I took while I was making a series of 5″x7″ watercolor and acrylic paintings on paper. I was also studying Italian on Duolingo and integrated my lessons with the art by painting the words, phrases, and sentences I was learning into it.

So this collection is not just about language. It was my way of reinforcing my learning by connecting it with something deeply important to me and integral to who I am.


Some images were taken while the papers were taped down in groupings. Others were taken of individual papers after being removed from the drawing board.

They’re all 1/1s except for ti amo, which I accidentally minted six copies of. So instead of listing it for sale, I’m giving the copies away.

These are listed on Kalamint.

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