why I’m moving the Love Machine project to Tezos

After long and careful deliberation, I’ve made a decision about the future of Love Machine. After I finish and mint the remaining NFTs in Shorts #2 (there will be 13 singles in total) I will not mint any more Love Machine collections on Cardano until something is done to streamline and decentralize verification.

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[Tezos] Love Machine Shorts #1 Collector’s edition album and PFPs

Love landed on Tezos this week in the form of a full-color, limited-edition, 22-page PDF documenting the original oil paintings from 2008 and the Cardano NFTs I sold.

I’ll not be selling the same images as single NFTs on Tezos. I still wanted to introduce the project to the Tezos community, and I’m comfortable using them to produce a unique NFT that will not be available anywhere else.

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aperitivi: insieme is dropped on Kalamint.io

I was planning to drop my first Tezos NFT collection next month, but I found a way to push it ahead of schedule. It involved biting off more than I can chew, but that’s par for the course. Totally worth it to break new ground — one more step forward in taking over the world.

Just kidding. That wouldn’t be very decentralized.

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new plan for Tezos, and for pete’s sake, do your own research

In my last post, I showed the first three CNFTs in Love Machine Shorts #2, of which there will be 13 altogether. My intention at the time was to make two different versions of the collection, one for Cardano and another one for Tezos, based on the same initial sketches.

I made a list of visual distinctions and then made a test version of Stanislav the Chef to see if there were really enough differences to consider minting them on another network. I shrunk them to mobile size and looked at them next to each other. Showed them to a handful of tight friends in the space and asked for feedback.

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3 CNFTs from Love Machine Shorts #2 are live on Genesis House

It took a little longer than I wanted, but I’m finally producing the images for Love Machine Shorts #2. The first three are now listed on Genesis House, a relatively new NFT auction house and marketplace on Cardano.

There will be different versions of Shorts #2 — one for each blockchain network I’m eyeballing in the expansion of the project. Cardano will get the first set. By the end of the year I’ll release them on Tezos. I was planning to branch out to a second blockchain network in January, but I’ll be ready sooner.

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Why “NSFW” is B.S.

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to catch most of a Twitter Space held by Tokhun premium partners Poetonic and Aether Sovereign. Both are exceptionally gifted and intelligent artists and have a lot of interesting things to say about the NFT space and art in general.

I’m not very good at talking, so when I join a Space it’s just to listen. But it was a fascinating discussion that made me want to speak up for the first time.

Particularly when it turned to censorship.

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new collection of Love Machine PFP CNFTs, and a brand new website for Love

When I scrawled the first set of five Love Machine heads, the goal was simply to experiment with brushes and drawing styles to help me figure out how I wanted to draw the collection. When I was finished with a few of them, I thought they were pretty cool and someone might like them.

That was before I knew PFP (profile pic) NFTs were such a popular category of art in this space. Now that I’ve seen how people use them on social media, it makes sense. And I’ve been asked many times when I’ll make more.

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a tale of two socially-constructed English conventions

When irregardless was first added to Merriam-Webster’s unabridged dictionary, I was appalled just like many other people. Like the person who posted this comment to Merriam-Webster on Twitter:

“Yep. English is literally dead.”

As soon as I stop rolling my eyes about what a fucking drama queen the person who said that must be, let’s unpack this objection. I’ll get to both literally and dead when my eyes recover from muscle strain.

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